Our cherries are dried and then hand dipped, in an imported dark, milk, or white Belgian chocolate. Nicely wrapped in Kraft boxes, ready to give as gifts, are the barks. All simple and organic ingredients. Available only in the fall, at local Christmas markets or directly from the farm. Contact for dates.

Available in dark, milk, white and mixed.

225 g packages – $18.50

113 g packages – $10.00

Hand dipped in dark chocolate 

 Organic ginger chunks – $10.00

 Organic coconut chunks – $12.00


Milk chocolate – $12.00 – Coffee, or Orange.

White chocolate -$12.00 – Raspberry cream, or Rum raisin.

Dark chocolate– $12.00 – Cocoa nib and maca, or Hot chilli.

Dried Fruits – $ 12.00 – Peaches, Cherries, Apples or Cinnamon apples.

Lapin Cherry Juice

Packaged in airtight tetra packs, they can sit on counter open for 2 months, or in the refrigerator for much longer.

3L boxes – $25.00